We are very experienced in our field. We have the expertise and knowledge to recover data that are lost due to problem with the medium in which it is stored. Here are some common services that we provide to our clients.

RAID data recovery

RAID data recovery

We will perform various RAID data recovery processes including initial RAID recovery evaluation. In this step, the technicians diagnose the nature of the problem. The technicians will then extract the data and restore it onto the media of your choice.

Hard drive recovery


Hard drives save important personal and business data which ranges from documents, emails, databases, etc. Your life is in big trouble when you suddenly lose them. It is like losing keys to your house. We can provide hard drive recovery solutions and can handle any data loss scenario.

CCTV recovery services


It provides discovery and examination of files stored on CCTV systems. We have fully secure workshops to carry out the works. Our technicians are able to retrieve files from multiplexed CCTV recording equipment using forensic procedures.

Tape data recovery

Tape data recovery

We can recover tape data. We have access to a number of tape drives that will let us evaluate damaged tape media. We can read and analyze data that was previously written to the media.

We guarantee you positive results. Your data are safe with us. We keep a backup up to days and then once you are sure that we have retrieved the right data for you, we destroy your personal data that is with us.