JesseWe are a data recovery company based in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in data recovery and data restoration. We recover data and retrieve information from various kinds of failed data storage media and hard drives. This could be from your desktop, laptop, USB memory stick, RAID array or iPod.

At H2O Computer, we offer professional state-of –the-art data recovery service to all customers. We have a small, friendly and dedicated team who makes sure that the process of recovering the data is as hassle free and convenient as possible. Many businesses like us don’t have the expertise and equipment needed to retrieve the lost data from physically or logically damaged media. But you can rely on us for retrieving and restoring your valuable information, photos, videos, etc.

Our technicians are highly trained and they apply the latest techniques to solve your problem. Our aim is to provide the best service so that we can exceed the customers’ expectations. Call us and our team will do the work for you in the shortest time possible.