3 things you should do before repairing your computer

Nowadays we are sharing lots of personal information over the Internet. We are doing bank transactions online, we are doing online shopping, we are sharing our photos and videos on social networks and many more. We store our valuable information on our computer. On many occasions, you might need to repair your computer. Before you take it to a professional, you should do.

1. Remove all sensitive information such as files that contain passwords for bank accounts or emails, and social security details. These information could be used to hack them and get unlawful access to your bank accounts or personal details. Even common information like you date of birth or your mother’s maiden name can e used to gain access to your bank information.

2. Delete photos and other files that can be misused by fraud people. You can move them to a portable drive or a cloud facility. You should delete any porn videos or photos that may be stored.

3. You should backup of all your important data to a secure location so that you don’t have to worry about losing them. You should take backup of your works regularly to ensure that nothing is lost in case your hard disk gets corrupted.

The information you store on your computer is very valuable. Even if you give your computer to be fixed at a renowned service provider, you may not know that real intention of a person. People are always looking for opportunities to steal other’s personal information such as bank details. You have to take precautions against them. So, make it a habit of creating a backup regularly. When you give your computer for servicing to a service center, try to move your important files to a secured location and delete whatever is in your computer.