H2O Computer was formed in 2009 after realizing that there was a lack of low cost specialist data recovery and retrieval services in our local area. We wanted to make data recovery affordable and accessible to all. We are knowledgeable, trained and fully equipped service provider of data recovery.

If your data is precious to you, then you should seek professional help immediately if you lose any data. The most common problems that occur are electrical failures and head crashes. In order to deal with physically damaged hard drive, you need the help of a specialist like us. If you try to solve the problem yourself, then a number of problems may occur. For example, you will try to work on your hard drive in a normal environment which may result in contamination of the internal workings. This will cause further damage and so lower the chances of recovery. Our workstation is very protected and we make sure that no contamination takes place within the devices while we work. Our work place is very clean and dust free. We use the latest equipment to repair the drives so that we can get the best possible outcome.

Our technicians are very friendly and professional. They first try to understand the problem before starting to retrieve the data. We have a ‘no work no policy’ system. If you are not satisfied with our recovery process, then you don’t need to pay us. We have served a number of clients for all these years and more than 95% of our customers have been satisfied with our service.

If you want to retrieve data from your device then call us and our representative will talk to you to know the details and provide you a quote for our service. We can guarantee that you will be happy with our service.

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